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Mika @ Magazzini Generali


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:wink2: ok...I went to all music store in Milan..none got the Album...but i discovered, that probably here in Italy the album will be released on March....:cool: so let's wait!!!!!!!!!

if you want information about the concert in Milan you can go there http://www.ticketone.it/newsComplete.jsp?idCat=51&cdNews=118835

here you can also buy tickets, ask information about the location, and more...that's for everyone!!!it's in italian but there is also the english version!!!:thumb_yello:

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Thank you for posting the news!

I read it this morning before going to school and I entered in class screaming ''Mika comes to Italyyyy!!'' xD my best friend was almost happy as me, because it's days I talk about him nonstop.

Anyway, I'm gonna buy the ticket... but... there's someone who wants to come with me? é.è I already asked to Amanda (another Italian girl from this forum) but I'm still waiting her answer...

Maybe Italian fans from this forum could organize and meet each other there!! What do you think?

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