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Mika in German media


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Mika is taking off in Germany and I thought it might be a good idea to bring you some of the news he is sparking over there. ;-)


Für die Musikwelt war das anscheinend ein Glücksfall. Seine im Januar 2007 veröffentlichte Single Grace Kelly eroberte auf Anhieb Platz 1 der Download-Charts und die Woche darauf Platz 1 der Popcharts in Großbritannien. Auch die kritischen Ohren der Journalisten hat MIKA heute abend überzeugt. Von tiefgründig-gedankenvoll bis kreativ-lebendig ist alles dabei. Selbst wenn es melodramatisch wird, schafft er mit euphorischen Kicks immer wieder die Wende hin zum Positiven.




(includes 3 pics or so)


I'll update this thread with new stuff as I find it.

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So, in case of my bad english, I put the text into the Abacho Translater :wink2: and it said:


For the music world this was apparently a piece of luck. His single Grace Kelly published in January, 2007 conquered right away place 1 of the download charts and the week on it place 1 of the pop charts in Great Britain. Tonight MIKA has also persuaded the critical ears of the journalists. From profound meditative to creative-vividly everything is present. Even if it becomes melodramatic, he creates with euphoric kicks over and over again the turn there to the positive.


I don't know if it's right, but I think it's better than my own translation. :naughty:



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