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  1. I am stunned, shocked and well, quite frankly gutted :S On first listen I hated it, infact so did everybody around me at the time. Which prompted some serious p*** taking as they know how much I like Mika. Add embarrassed to the above list Ok, so now after hearing it what feels like a gazillion times (thanks Radio1) I can appreciate (?) its catchiness, but the whole "we are gawwwlden" (perfect description btw) bit makes me cringe. What really worries me is, was this really the best track he had on the album? After such a long break this single needed to be as spectacular as Grace Kelly was, and surely most of us can admit it's just not? I was really hoping he would come out with something a lot better both lyrically and musically and a lot less teeny pop, just to show all his doubters that he could. Instead this is the worst example of sacharine pop so far and will just confirm the opinions of those who see him as a tacky kiddies pop star. Sorry. No, really I am.
  2. Hey you Hows tricks? Still in London? xxx
  3. Aww, thanks guys RAK! Missed you hon, how are you? I guess you are going to a few shows this year, that flag is really getting around isn't it?! Gutted I can't make Latitude, weekends are a mare for us to get off work and we have a couple of family holidays booked this year. In 2007 we kinda sacrificed holidays for going to gigs and so we are making it up to the kids now. If I could've got the time off (and the spare cash!) I would have liked to take them - they are both little music junkies and would have a fab time. I keep promising to take them to Glasto, maybe next year. With the new album etc. hopefully Mika will be making an appearance x
  4. Gutted, I've always wanted to go to Latitude as it's in my neck of the woods and it has loads going on - not just music but comedy and other stuff too and it's in beautiful surroundings. Too expensive for me this year though, typical Mikas gonna be there Have a great time whoever's going though
  5. Oh cool, I'll have a wander over and add some of you. TBH I hardly go on there as I didn't really get it! Mark is on a lot though, he has one of those newfangled phones which he has set to tweet everytime he gets an update :S !
  6. Wow! Can't believe there are so many unanswered confessions on here. Maybe as HJ's, ahem, manager?! I can persuade him to come and answer some!
  7. Hi Tia, Hi Violet Sky *waves* So good to see there are still some of the old gang about. Didn't recognise any names when I first came on here, but glad you're all still about! The confessions booth was a scream wasn't it! A few took it the wrong way, but most just realised it was a laugh! Babs - HJ is hooked on Twitter atm. maybe if I drag it up again, he'll give it a go.... never one to say no to the laydees x
  8. Hi Suzie Nice to meet you, I suppose I was never particularly a prolific poster, but met several of the guys on here at gigs! Maybe you remember my hubby, came on here as Holy Johnny with the confessions booth?! He certainly does seem to be on top form from what I've heard so far, good to be back! Hi Cassi Thank you xx I'm good thanks and so is Holy Johnny! He is liking the new stuff too, dunno if he'll be back on here though, maybe with a little persausion! x
  9. Hi Ingie, Hi Babs Wow!! New Smilies, it's all been happening here hasn't it!! How are you guys? All well I hope? x
  10. I'm back...where are you? x

  11. Hiya Mostly loving what I've heard of the new stuff. Sadly don't think I'll make it to any shows this year, but defo gonna buy the records and follow you guys at the shows with envy
  12. Hi Thank you! I'm good ta, and you? No excuses for absence I'm afraid, just seemed such a long time for new releases, but M's back and so am I, I guess!
  13. Hi guys, Not been around for a while, OK for a long while ! Any of the old guys here remember me? How are you all? Whats the goss, fill me in! Kat xxx
  14. Hiya ;) Soz not been about for ages. Busy working etc. all thoroughly boring stuff :S How are you? xxx

  15. Happy Birthday :happybday:

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