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  1. Yup, time is flying by... Can't wait!
  2. Mika is taking off in Germany and I thought it might be a good idea to bring you some of the news he is sparking over there. ;-) More? Here! (includes 3 pics or so) I'll update this thread with new stuff as I find it.
  3. Yeah, Germany loves Mika. ;-) All my friends are totally crazy about him now. He is on Radio all the time, etc.
  4. I love it. I completely forgot about tamagotchis until I have seen the pix above. ;-) Maybe it's going to be the new "thing" to carry around as a fashion item... Mhhh, let me dig my tamagotchis. ;-)
  5. Yeah! Just checked, the gig is still not sold out... so everyone, come to Dublin and have a good time. It's very well worth it (We know about Mika, but Dublin is a lot of fun too!)
  6. Thanks for sharing that. Sounds like he had a lot of fun... Well, here is hoping the gigs in London and Dublin will be just as good (or even better... ehehe) I can't wait!
  7. :shocked: Uh, I hope I am lucky enough to get my hands on tickets for this. I mean, I basically go to London just to go to the Oxford street (and party a bit durning the weekend...). Hope I am lucky... *crosses fingers*
  8. I so would love to party to some of MIKAs sound in my favorite club. I sure hope it's going to happen... ;-)
  9. Welcome aboard! I enjoy listening to Scissor Sisters a lot, too. I especially loved there last album. This tunes definitely helped me through the last months... ;-)
  10. Awww... I sure hope someone will find a downloadable version of that appearance. I know that I am looking forward to it.
  11. Great stuff. Leon Jean Marie has some nice tunes going too. ;-) I sure hope he will join Mika for his appearance in Dublin.
  12. Already done. Thanks a million, guinchogirl!
  13. I will, I will. :-) Finally had my tickets in the mail today. I am really looking forward to that gig. ;-)
  14. I am absolutely in love with "Happy Ending" these days. ;-)
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