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I first heard of Mika with the Billy Brown free download on iTunes and soon found his MySpace page and liked what I heard.


I'm going to download the album from iTunes. Does anyone know where I can get the artwork and booklet, it isn't included in this iTunes album unfortunately.



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I'm roumanian, but i live in France... So... please excuse my lil' mistakes :P (I know that's not a very good excuse, but... )

I heard of Mika couple of weeks ago and now i even seen his videoclips...

I registred just to say to Mika to keep up the good work! :) I think, like you all, i hope, that he hase alot of tallent. I saw some interviews of his, on "yourtube". From BBC i think... and the one where hi is in a zoo... :))

Anyway... i wanted to ask him when he's goin' to come in Paris... or, in Romania? :D

Good luck! :)

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