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Mika on Annie Lennox


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the Razz: You can Mika my day, Annie; [streets Edition]

SHOWBIZ LIZ & BEVERLEY LYONS. Daily Record. Glasgow (UK): Jan 27, 2007.


CHART TOPPER Mika has been compared to Freddie Mercury but the singer says it's Annie Lennox who has been a massive influence on his career.


And the Beirut-born singer, who crashed into the top of the charts last week with Grace Kelly, reckons he and Annie would form the perfect duet.


Mika, 23, was recently told off by a sound engineer for sounding too Scottish when recording the single and his album, and now he's confessed it's Annie who is his ideal singing mate.


He said: "Annie's voice is amazing. I can sing in the same register as her.


"If we both sing in the same key it's really cool. She is one of my favourite vocalists ever and is so expressive."


Mika got the chance to listen to Eurythmics star Annie in the flesh when they shared the same voice coach.


He said: "I'd listen to her practising. I really like Scots people. My piano teacher is Scottish and we all came from the same Scottish-Lebanese background. There is warmth, a physicality where you can interact with anything."

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hehe.. sorry havingablast.. but we're quite quick in the ball with the press stories!! (especially Cautionary Wife :thumb_yello: )


I do a quick search on the forum to check if a stories already been posted :naughty:


Nice to have you with us and welcome!

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