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Hello Mikaholics


I've mentioned this in passing somewhere else on here, but think it worthy of repeating. There's a really good interview and podcast (over 30 mins long, I think) from a couple of weeks ago available from The Times online at:




When you go to download, select "To download the podcast click here", and then SAVE IT TO YOUR HARD DRIVE! If you subscribe through itunes, or if you download but just click open, it won't be saved. The problem with subscribing to the podcast (as I discovered when I first did it) is that it appears to be in your itunes podcast library and you think you're sorted, but in fact the next time The Times updates its most recent music podcast it will supercede Mika.


I bet most of you already knew that, but I didn't! New to podcasts, me.


I really recommend doing it this way as we don't know how long The Times will keep the page up!


Good luck! :thumb_yello:

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About his dad being held hostage. It just shows you that the press get a whiff of something and them make up the rest. That's the first I heard that he wasnt really taken hostage..not quite as well read as many of you!:blush-anim-cl: Thanks for instructions mei:thumb_yello:

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