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Enhanced CD and MAC Computers


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A number of Mac users who posted on this board indicated having problems accessing the Bonus Contact (2 videos and 2 acoustic tracks). Push Entertainment has apparently remedied this issue. Today I was able to access the files on my Intel Mac (using Safari and Windows Media Player). [You can save the files to your computer if you have Flip4Mac and QT Pro].


The downside is that when you click on the link "To see this fantastic session in full go to Yahoo Music," error messages pop up each time! Yahoo's LAUNCHcast is still not compatible with Mac OS X.


From their Help Section: "LAUNCHcast is not currently compatible with: the Mac OS X operating system."

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The way it worked for me...

When I inserted the CD, itunes opened and displayed the tracks. I Quit itunes. On the desktop I found an icon that looks a bit like the CD cover. When I clicked on that (mac os x) it opened Safari and took me to a registration page. After registering, it prompted me to make sure the CD was in the drive. When I clicked OK, it "verified" the CD, then took me to an "Audio & Video" page (still on Safari). This page had four files that could be streamed (2 videos and 2 acoustic tracks). When I clicked Play, WMP opened and played them. (There was a note in the txt file that warned that you may need to quit other players and apps).

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