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Mika Bulletin - Thanks!


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Date: 01 Mar 2007, 14:25

Subject A big thank you!

Body: Hello!


A ridiculously delicious fantastical massive thank you to everyone who came along to the shows! It was amazing and we'll see you in May!


For everyone who's been asking, you can find LEON JEAN-MARIE who supported on the tour by clicking on the picture below!





mikamyspace x

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yeap, I thought that was brill, to thank his people who have supported him, what a MAN ( with long legs, oh, and does he not know how to play with his braces!!, a true turner -on er )

Of course I was hooked on his voice at first but I his other bits have now influenced my perception a bit,,,,,,


(is one alloud to use the word 'sexy' here? Sorry Sonny)

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