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Mika In Dublin Last Night!


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wow what an amazing gig last night, i have been to see a few gigs over the last 30 years, but last last nights show was electric, come again Mika you are now a legend in dublin.


Robbie Who? Mika Is Now The New Pop King In Ireland!


Please Admin let us know more about the band, and wow what a band - the bassist (Brill), The Keyboards Dude (Very Talented), The Drummer (Wow She Was Out-of-this-world), and the lead guitarist (Unbelievable).

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Glad you enjoyed it!


There is plenty of info on here about the band already. Plan is that once my birthday (and head pains lol) are out of the way this weekend I am going to sort some new sections with band member profiles, mika biogs, discography, lyrics etc ;)



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I know. It was an amazing concert! Remember the stuffed Parrot? It landed at my feet. I concidered retreiving it but I decided i'd better not because of the security guard nearby. I'm fuming because the guy beside me dared to and did. I really wanted it! Lol.



Anyway, here are my pics:






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Yea the concert was amazing wasn't it!! I'd travelled down from Belfast earlier that day and went round to Spirit at 6:30 to queue. Couldn't believe my luck getting right in front and centre of stage! He's amazing live!! Anyways here's some photos!













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