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  1. That made me laugh so much, what you said to him ! He was a piece of work, that bloke, wasn't he!
  2. Lovely review, thanks Andi! So glad you got a kiss from Luke, too - thanks for the text about it all! lots of love Gill xx
  3. Thank you for your review Droopsy! Glad it all worked out for you in the end I just wanted to say - I think that drunk guy spoke to me, too. Just after we'd got out from the gig, and had been chatting with Palladium members, some bloke leaning against a pillar, with a woman, shouted out to me - "hey, have you seen my arse?". I had no idea what he was talking about but could tell he'd had a few to drink - I just smiled and said "No, but I've seen your face and I'd guess it looks much the same"!! or something, and moved swiftly past, to get back to Andi and my husband and everyone. I'm never normally rude, EVER, but I thought he was being rude to me first! and it's not often I have a quick reply for anyone. I still wouldn't have wanted to look at his behind anyway!
  4. Boardie meet-ups - that's the ONLY way to do it, IMO!
  5. Jodi - GOOD LUCK FOR TOMORROW - I have fingers and everything crossed for you - you're a star! Gill xx
  6. Oh wow, glad you enjoyed it - good isn't he? and the band,
  7. We were, robertina - Andi and I were in the first wave to join this board! I think Andi has talked to you, more than I have ... Andi and I know each other (nearly 3 years, now!) from another messageboard. She's a great friend, a very genuine person, and it was lovely to see her again last night. I haven't really deserted this board - I do pop on from time to time. Someone else (can't remember who, sorry ) said it was interesting for those of us who've seen Mika and band from earlier in the year because we can compare "then" with "now" - yes, it is. The early shows were also fab, obviously in smaller venues and therefore a lot more intimate. However altho Mika is now moving to slightly larger venues, there's more stage room, so they can put on more of a show. All the shows I've seen of Mika's have been memorable for different reasons. I especially liked the one at Cockpit in Leeds, in February, because I was right up against the (tiny) stage there, and Mika's shoes (and therefore his legs!) were just inches in front of my face. I would not have had to stretch my arms out, to touch him - but out of respect etc etc, of course we didn't (didn't mean I didn't want to, tho! ). Good times, and I'm sure there will be more to come in the future, wherever we see them all play
  8. No armande, it's from when I first met Mika, in February.
  9. My gig report from Doncaster last night ... I will echo sariflor's comments. It was such a good show! We spoke to Mika briefly afterwards, got some stuff signed - the shows are just coming along in leaps and bounds, you can see how they have changed (I hesitate to say "improved", because that will give the wrong impression of what I actually mean) since February this year ... the earlier shows were fab, but they are now adding more bits and pieces. Plus I have never seen Martin so animated! We did wonder if he'd had too much fizzy pop before coming on Such a good show - I think some of the intimacy from the earlier gigs has of course been lost - only to be expected as they start playing in bigger venues - but the performance is getting more and more polished. And as always, it was lovely to meet up with boardies who I haven't seen for a long time - my lovely friend Andi and Ali, Jodie, Freddie (who must have been boiling in his Santa suit!!!), and to meet Ruth, Bab, Sarah and anyone else I met last night and have now forgotten the name of (it's my age! ) I will leave it to others to fill in the details, but I just wanted to show my face again (some of you know me from when I joined, when this board first started in January) but I don't get on here much any more for various reasons. but I keep in touch with folks and still love Mika! so that's what counts. Enjoy the gigs, any of you still with gigs to come - ahh, Newcastle tomorrow - that's going to be so good. lots of love to all Gill xxx
  10. Well, I'd still like to go, if I can find 2 x standing tickets preferably. Prefer standing rather than sitting ... We were away on holiday when the tickets went on sale. So, altho a very good friend (Andi) from on here ordered me tickets for Doncaster Dome, I'd still like to do Manc, as well, if poss. If anyone has any for 19th November for which good homes are needed, I would appreciate first refusal please (I've posted on here before about this but just want to bump it up). I won't be getting any off Ebay - well, not at ridiculous prices anyway (Ebay sharks, grrr!). Thanks if anyone can help. Regards Gill
  11. further to my thread I posted last week, I am looking for 2 x standing tickets for Manchester Apollo, on Monday 19 November 2007, please. If anyone has any, I would appreciate it if you would PM me, please
  12. oh thanks peeps, I tried Ticketmaster and it said SOLD OUT for all the ticket types! Cheers m'dears!
  13. I would like 2 x standing tickets please, if anyone has any spare, for Manchester Apollo, Monday 19th November? When the tickets first went on sale I didn't buy any (it didn't help that I was away on holiday ) thinking I couldn't get to the Monday gig. Now, however, I can get to it. Please, please can anyone help? if not standing, seated tickets would be fine thanks, but would prefer standing. Thanks if anyone can help. Gill *crosses fingers*
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