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HELP! Can someone find when he comes to Asia Pacific?


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I have been trying to find when he comes to Japan and Pacific region. I called the distributor in Japan but they do not know. No JP web site either -ony info we can get here is official bio of Mika. We Japanese fans are desperate to see his gig! Looks like his schedule is open in June, and his album is expected to be released in June, so I assume it could be June. Please help us!


BTW Mika is now ranked 3rd in Tokio Hot 100 chart as of 3/11 (up from 5th last week), which is great considering that the chart includes all kinds of music, and that his album is not yet officially released.


I guess we have to be patient and watch You Tube...:no::badmood:

We thank everyone who posted wonderful videos on You Tube and here!

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hmm i dont know sorry but if he is in the japaneese chart than maybe he will come when the album will b released? :)

i hope for u!



i dont have someone from japan on the scrapbook for MIKA!


want to join!?!

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I'm Japanese too:naughty: Nice too meet you !

I didn't know that Mika was in Tokio Hot 100 chart ! He certainly deserves it :thumb_yello:

I was able to find " Life in Cartoon Motion " at a CD store in my neighborhood. I must have been very lucky...!!!!

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Are you a member of Mixi? If so, come in and look for us; we have already created a community called "We Love Mika!" an unofficial fun site. You can write comments in English, if you like. If you are not a member, send me a mail with your mail address in Japan then I will invite you to the community.

I am the moderator.

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