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Help, Please!


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Ok, I asked the same thing on another thread but I'm too anxious to wait for the answer!


The point is:

how can I read Mika's MySpace?

I've only been able to read his profile!


dunno, maybe I have to have my own MySpace!!??


thanx in advance for your help! :thumb_yello:

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you have to have your own myspace and send him a friend add ... i think


im not actually sure which bit you want to read but just do that and it should work out

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u can also send him a message if u want but all u do is click add:punk:


If I did I'd start telling him " I love you, you're so good-looking, full of talent,awesome... " and similar stuff!

He would understand that I'm crazy!

actually, HE drives me crazy!


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A lot of people send that kind of messages, so probably he's used to.


yes, and he's surely proud about that! until he doesn't get alarmed because of being kinda persecuted by all these girls and boys! :naughty:


anyway, maybe I will try and send him a message

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