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  1. Oh dear oh dear........I will be a mum who likes Mika Well not for another five weeks I hope! Expecting my first child at the end of July.
  2. BexxY

    Hello again

    OMG hello everyone! So many names I STILL recognise this is amazing! I thought I'd come back and it would be all weird and different. So happy!!!
  3. BexxY

    Hello again

    wayheyyyy (Just don't think I will be able to attend gigs like I used to) BUT will be present on the forums instead. Who else has returned after this long period?
  4. Hello everyone, I'm back again but feel like I have to introduce myself because let's face it.....it's been a while ???? I'm Bexx have been a Mika fan since the beginning but life gets in the way sometimes.
  5. Happy birthday :)

  6. Haha love it! Such a great start to the day
  7. So tomorrow then?? I hope so I'm soo excited :fangurl::fangurl: Ok maybe a bit too excited lol
  8. Happy birthday to Matt Smith who celebrates his thirtieth year today!!!! Wool
  9. NoooOoooo what's wrong with matt smith? Other than how hawt he is
  10. Aww thanks everyone such a nice welcome
  11. *raises hand* Can anyone answer me a few questions? Is this a seated venue? or standing Am I too late to get a ticket? Slash is it sold out yet? I really want to go and if it means one less person can't come to my wedding then so be it LOL All questions the Internet could answer but I can't be bothered yup yup I'm lazy
  12. Oh my I'm so hapPy!!! A dr who thread!!! I used to love david tennant but it was more so for the dr rose story line. But I have to say matt is the best dr and I fell in love not long after fish fingers and custard. Who here has tried it?
  13. Yay I'm remembered 3.20am means I should be fast asleep right now. Doh
  14. Hello lovely people, Im not entirely sure how many of you will remember me from the beginning I've been away for a while and a lot has been happening. I was led astray but now I'm back. Even though it took me four attempts to remember my password! Lol anyways hello to all the old faces and new. May not be as active as I used to be here as I have a wedding to plan yes my own lol Talk to you all soon The one and only BexxY Xxx
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