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Tomorrow Night-nyc!!!


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I dont even think i can sleep tonight with excitement. I cant wait till tomorrow. I am trying to talk my friend into getting out of work earlier so we can get to the city even earlier. I gotta pick up batteries for my camera tomorrow afternoon. Maybe i'll go to sleep early so it'll be tomorrow already LOL!!

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I concur!


I'll be the girl with the dirty blond hair tied up, and with 4 other loud 16 year olds. I'll be wearing an across-the-shoulder LeBaggage striped borwn/tan/black bag and a Northface jacket, in all probability.


I say that all fan club members say that we're members as loudly as possible over and over again, so we finally reach each other.


I can't wait to see everyone! ***Especially MIKA****


:wub2: :wub2: :wub2: 1 day!

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