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Mika sales in Utah!


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:toot: I just heard on local radio hear in Salt Lake that every Wednesday they get the #'s for the previous weeks album sales. Our local station said Mika was #29 in the states but sales here in Utah have him at #12!:thumb_yello: YAAA! The DJ said the record company's love to see that and it gives us "Utah" a better chance of getting him to come here!! WOOHOOO!! Thats AWSOME NEWS HUH!:punk: I guess I should'nt hold my breath....YET!
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thats sooo awesommee! ahhhh thats awesome



i know that a couple weeks ago i went to target and i looked to see how his album was doing and it was completely sold out! and i was like



WTF!!! OMG! lol

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