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  1. Wow, awesome. I can't believe you e-mailed him. What did he have to say to you? That's so cool:punk:
  2. FYI... There is an article in todays Tribune about the concert. It's short and sweet. (headline) Mika is electrifying in his scaled-back SLC show Mika at In the Venue Friday From the look of the line streching for blocks at In the Venue Friday night, British pop sensation Mika is no longer an unfamiliar guy in the United States (or at least Salt Lake City). It was a rare acoustic set for Mika, who usually brings a ton of bells and whistles to his shows. He said his insurance company and everyone except him wanted to cancel the show, because his opening act and most of his tour buses were stranded byh weather. Everyone who attended got a $10 refund (half the ticket price due to missing bells and whistles), but there was no need- Mika gave an electrifying show. He even characterized it as the best of his tour, after the fact. His falsetto soared above the minimalist backing and fed off the adoring crowd. He'll be back, and next time everyone will know of him. David Burger I thought that was a cool review and wanted to share with you.
  3. Lighten up! It was a JOKE! My friend has a SENSE OF HUMOR:wink2: It was not the same girl who was yelling marry me Mika because she was back about 6 rows. Myself and my friend who seemed to "offend" you were in the 2nd row. She is not too familiar with Mika and just came to the concert to support my Love for him. I think she's pretty awesome person. Let me appologize for her behavior if you found it so offensive. She truly meant no harm and was just having a little fun. We had been standing in 35 degree weather for at LEAST 4 hours by that time and sometimes you say stupid stuff.
  4. OK....My husband says I'm not gonna get any hearts made with out getting a new printer cartridge. (see how computer savvy I am:thumbdown: ) I'm sorry girls, I'm gonna be the LOSER of the bunch. No hearts from me:sorry:
  5. Hi girls! OMG! It's ALMOST HERE!!! I can't get my printer working I'll keep working on it but I've only got a couple of free hours tonight to try. I'm sorry... I may not be able to come w/any hearts:thumbdown:. It's my little boys birthday the next day so I have to get everything ready for his BIG DAY. With or without hearts I'll see you tomorrow
  6. Ya, I'm sure Mika will do what ever it takes not to disappoint those fans:thumb_yello: . He seems to be pretty reliable.
  7. I just read on The Midway State's website that they are stuck in the biggest snow storm they have ever seen and they are not going to make thier gig tonight so they are focused on heading for SLC:boxed: . STOP SNOWING!! I'm so sick of the snow and I hope it doesn't affect Mika getting here (SLC) or his gig he is supposed to be at tonight. Who know's.
  8. Thanks for the INFO Melanie! I checked them out! They sound alot like Ben folds five. I'm going to Mika her in SLC on friday and was wondering who was opening for him. I hate going to shows and not know who the opening act is. Now I can buy the Itunes and sing along with them! THANKS AGAIN!
  9. You bet! Can't wait! Thanks for the reply. I've been a member for a while but I've been so bz I never get a chance to get on the site. When I saw this thread I was so excited. Thank God he chose SLC as one of his sights. So.... have you heard who his opening act is?
  10. HI! SLC MFC'ers! Have any of you heard who will be Mika's opening act! I CANT STAND IT! 1 week from today! OMG!
  11. I just saw that on Perez's site:shocked: Personally I think Patrick Wolf sucks and I've never been impressed by him. I agree w/Perez...Wolf must be a jeolous little punk! Love ya MIKA!
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