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  1. Why Lady Gaga? I've never liked her. Mocking her is a huge joke with me and my friends and it never gets old. She's just so unique. Mika's so cute.
  2. yayy this looks like fun. ok so before mika -I felt very alone. I knew what i believed in but i seemed to be the only one... -I was very ignorant. I didn't really know much about other cultures or other places. -I wore all black and i wanted to paint my room black -when people were rude to me, i was rude back -I was very rude to my mom. despite all the nice things she did for me. -I was VERY angry. -I'd never really travelled much and I felt very stuck. Like i was going to be in utah my whole life without any other options. after -I found a sense of inner peace. -My eyes were opened to the world and I saw all the different places I could live and all the different people i could meet. -I started learning french! -I went to san francisco:mf_lustslow: and learned that i didn't know how to read a map... -I met many new friends. -I introduced other people to mika and watched him change their lives. -Basically, I just became more comfortable with myself and my surroundings -I also got closer to my mom. - I watched the "impossible" become possible. 2.08.08 =D
  3. she's absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad she has the guts to do this even though she's so young. wooo go her! i hope she wins. or comes close.
  4. humpfree


    i hate it when people write crap like this. mika's a good guy...he can be mean but he's so good to his fans. she makes it seem like he's a total grumpalicous diva....just because he didn't want to talk to her...a gossipcolumnist(sp?). Drives me crazy!
  5. i thought brooke was gone for sure. she did horrible last night. horrible.
  6. i hope i dont have to wait a whole year....that would be horrible! i'd die. lol.
  7. that is exactly the type of picture i get when i imagine mika doing underwear modeling. XDXD. good ol' mr. bean. i love him. the picture is brilliant. he's brilliant.
  8. oh my oh my. the thought of mika in his underwear....those pictures would be the death of me. I'd die laughing. especially if he did the beckham pose :roftl: i loved the bit about windsocks XD XDXD. you guys are horrible
  9. yayy. thanks for posting. never would have found this otherwise
  10. 1. My favourite; Mika outfit-umm. all his clothes are cute. but i want the sweater that he was wearing in salt lake. its soft Mika song-tie between stuck in the middle and your sympathy Mika songline-"all of these illusions, they really mean the world to me" Mika quote-idk Mika picture- Mika interview-i dont remember what it was called but it was the one where he's talking about rap videos and how ridiculous they are and then he's like "i see fat people" Mika video-love today. Mika merchandise- tie between my signed poster and my shirt. 2. If Mika; Hugged me I would-never let him go Shouted my name i would-be sporting a smile so big my eyes would disappear. smiled at me i would- danced with me i would-probably forget how to dance and look like a fool 3. I have 2pictures of mika on my wall 0 pictures of mika on my phone 4. If i got to ask mika 3 questions only they would be 1)how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? 2)How do you avoid being bored out of your mind when your flying and travelling? 3)Do you remember me? (his answer would be no lol) 5) If i was a mika character i would be-big girl! 6) When i meet mika im going to-remember to tell him my name! 7)My favourite ever thread on the mfc- HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MIKA? His birthday-August 18th His family-rocks. lol Born-in beruit during some kind of war. :S Any other intresting facts-Hmm...None that haven't been stated already.
  11. i really hope he does less falsetto. not because i dont like it, but because he has such an amazing voice but people dont get past the falsetto. and because its so hard to sing falsetto every night. i also hope to see tonnnss of new art and creative characters based on people he's met. He should write a song about mfc lol. that'd be cool.
  12. oh lordy. how this thread excites me soo! lol i'm sooo looking forward to another album. MIka is an amazing songwriter. he's definately got a lot of stress on him though. Because unlike..about 90% of popular artists, he writes his own songs. lol. He'll do great though. I just hope he doesn't try to make an album like LICM. LICM motion was fabulous..but he's in a different place now. His music must evolve just like he has. Can't wait. it'll be amazing.
  13. ya i saw mika in salt lake and i didnt really care for the manager. he didnt talk much but i had waited for mika patiently when he was being swarmed with people and then he left without me even getting a turn...but i ended up running into him at his hotel and i got like 5 minutes in the hallway with him...with his manager getting mad at him for talking to us :S (well..it seemed he was mad)
  14. i know exactly what your saying. and yes. it is getting harder to meet him! i've been very lucky to meet him both times that i've seen his show. i think that mika is doing the best he can with all the fame that he's gotten. its not like he's intentionally "oh shun them shun shun shuN!" lol he just needs to have time for himself. what makes me mad is that people that are fortunate enough to stalk him all over the world and meet him every single time. its so hard not to hate on them. so so so so hard.
  15. im definately doing this. i've been working on my thank you note. i'll get it in by tomorrow night at the latest.
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