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Mika-related Halloween costumes?


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Has anyone been thinking about making Mika-related Halloween costumes (Lollipop Girl, Big Girl, etc.)?

Has anyone made a costume for a show?


I thought it would be nice to share any tips or ideas. I know Halloween is a bit far off, but I'm a total Halloween freak, and I always start sewing my costume way early so that it'll be awesome.


I thought about doing a lollipop girl costume, but all the non-Mika-fans would probably just think I was a little girl. haha. But the upside would be that Mika fans would totally get it. :wink2:


So... any costumers or potential costumers?

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On the radio, Mika said that the people coming to his show at the Olympia in Paris (scheduled for june the 30th) should were a disguise "as ridiculous as possible". I am going to see him perform there but it's a lot of pressure for me : I don't know what kind of disguise to put on and I don't want to look ridiculous !


Apart from this, I LOVE Halloween ! I love all that is related to wtiches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, aliens and so on. But Halloween becomes less and less popular in France ! :crybaby:

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