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  1. That's cool. But the real reason for my reply is OMGROGERTAYLORICON! That is one hot drag queen. So anyway... have they already filmed it? If not, you should go put something up on the mountain and see if it shows up in the final film. "Yeah, I put that big rock there!"
  2. My baby. Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The Sims 2 (those are both guys btw... so nothing improper is showing. haha)
  3. Adam Lambert is made of win. I'm not even a fan of American Idol, but Adam has sucked me into his rainbow-sequined vortex of radness. Love him.
  4. I'm not a fan of Twilight, but I agree that he is a cutie pie. And LOL @ the pics of "Amanda" -- I actually caught that episode of Criminal Minds. SHEER BRILLIANCE. I had no idea he could act that well!
  5. Anna


    I actually just bought her album a week or two ago. She's okay. I think she has some cute songs, but the soft baby-voice got on my nerves after a while. "Trouble is a Friend" is definitely my favorite song of hers.
  6. Anna

    Jason Mraz

    I've loved Jason Mraz for years. I think he's just brilliant, and very fun to sing along to in the car.
  7. I can't tell you my favorite first and middle name combinations because people have a tendency to steal them and give them to pets. So now they have to be kept secret. I really like my surname; it's really long and lots of fun for people to try and pronounce. I get a lot of people calling for "Anna Meh-uh...er, Anna?" I also get lots of hilariously misspelled mail addressed to various butchered surnames.
  8. I don't like: -Corn. Cornbread. Creamed corn. Popcorn. I HATE CORN. -Doing my taxes. -Reality TV. -Most children. Some are okay, though. -The Dave Matthews Band and Nickleback (HAAAATE). -Drama queens. -The bad noise my car is making.
  9. Oh my gosh, Marianne, that is so awesome! I love it! Great job of making it look just like him.
  10. Anna


    What? I've never heard of this song. *wants to hear*
  11. It was on his Myspace, mid-last year.
  12. Wow, I'm a "mutt," but I don't really like being called that! haha. But anyway... Scottish/ Swedish/ Native American/ German Jewish/ Israeli/ whoknowswhatelse. I have some of my family trees all the way back to the 1600s. It's CRAZY.
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