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  1. Just a quick mail to tell you I finally got my tickets and will be in Toulouse tomorrow ! So happy and impatient Thanks again for the kind answers !
  2. This is the main part of the quite conforting answer I just recieved : "Tickets will be despatched as soon as possible, but may not be received until the week of the event. If you have not received your tickets in the post, please contact us no later than two working days before the show date." Now let's see what goes on and thank you again for the help !
  3. First, thanks to all of you for your advice and support. I registered on SeeTickets website. This is strange : my order appears twice but one is stiked through. as if they had erased my order by mistake than completed it later. I don't know. They said the tickets booked before April 7th have all been sent that day. I booked on April 1st and still have nothing. I emailed them. I hope it's fixed within this week.
  4. What is strange is that it is written that my order will be sent to my postal adress and I don't have any reference about the seller.
  5. Hello ! I don't know who I could contact so I start this new topic because I have booked two tickets for Mika's gig in Toulouse (le Bikini on October 4th) on your website during the presale on April 1st and I still haven't recieved anything although the gig is scheduled in about one week. I have printed the Internet page mentionning that my booking was complete and my credit card would be charged by the payment, I have a reference but I have no tickets and start to be seriously worried ! Do you think I will be able to get my tix in the forthcoming week or should I try to buy new places elsewhere ? If I don't receive my tickets, will I be refunded ? Thanks for answering ! Mireille
  6. Nice ! I was a member of MFC's MySpace and Twitter but I didn't join your Facebook page, yet ! Shame on me ! Now, this error is repared !
  7. Bonjour Mireille,

    Ton message est assez inattendu car je t'ai envoyé une demande il y a des lustres ! Néanmoins merci d'avoir accepté, à bientôt.

  8. I'm not very keen on doing artwork, drawings or poetry, especially when I am troubled by such terrible news. All I can do is wishing Paloma a complete recovery (even though I imagine it will be long) and sending much uplifting thoughts and vibes to her family. I pray for you all.
  9. Bonjour, tout le monde ! Ca faisait un moment que je n'étais plus revenue sur le MFC mais je passais, j'ai vu de la lumière et... Une lumière Mikaïenne, bien entendu. Alors moi, j'espère qu'on sera vite mis au courant des dates parce que dans ma famille, il y en a qui commencent à faire des projets pour les vacances. Et puis bon : il faudra voir quelles semaines je vais poser cet été. Enfin bref : les choix habituels. Mais je suis tout de même ravie par les nouvelles que nous recevons parce qu'une tournée acoustique de Mika, j'en ai toujours rêvé !
  10. Amazing note from our dearest Mika !
  11. Thank, girls ! That cheers me up !
  12. Normally I do not like the Eurovision Song Contest but this year, I wouldn't have missed it for any reason because France was represented by "our" Sébastien Tellier ! :mf_lustslow:I just discovered him some two months ago but I must confess I am completely "stuck in the middle" with him ! I think I'm about to love and admire him as much as I love and admire Mika ! I didn't give a damn about the other singers, even though Spain and Latvia were funny (I like Latvia as a country anyway !) ! But, Sébastien ! SEBASTIEN !!!!! His song "Divine" is so damn addictive ! His show was so brilliant with the background singers disguised to look like him and the helium swallowing and his kneeling on the stage at the end of the song to sing some words in French ! I was totally appalled that he should have been the 19th only ! That Russian guy... what he has done sounds so much like what we can hear every year ! At least Sebastien Tellier's performance was so... so different ! It's not because he is French but I am really disappointed his performance was not more successful, considering the way the audience reacted to his act !! Eurovision is too old-fashioned for French Touch !
  13. I voted "Slide" : there is something sounding like Prince at his beginnings, in this song.
  14. This is the best news I have ever read for ages ! I love Stephen King's books ! He is one of my favourite writers ! I hope someday, he mentions Mika in one of his books, quotes some of his lyrics or something like that, as he often does with the songs he likes !
  15. Yes, that's what they all say. Mika starts by "This year, it is for me". And then the other go "No, for me ! For me ! Vote for me ! This trophy is mine ! No, mine ! Mine ! I could do evetything ! I could even scream ! Aaaaaaaaaah !" And then, Mika again "For me" and this French singer catches it saying "No, for me !". That's all. But I love the way Mika jumps !
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