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Mika Interview

Sara Zamuone Oz

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AWW! I love it too whenever Mika says "demented" (favourite Mika word), 'cause the only other person who I know who says it as much as him is one of my best friends, she's been saying it for years.

That interview was the funniest I've seen him do, I wish we had that programme over here, is the host called Jensen?, he is hilarious!

Thanks so much for posting that, it made my night.

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Fav parts:

- check out his face when he says I'm not joking at 1:00

- face at 1:51

- the way he sits at 1:53

- playing with hair at 2:54

- scrunches face at 3:14

- talking about how it was 'worth it' part at 3:50

- playing with hair at 4:08... another at 4:23



eek... i'll stop before this gets too long. Loved it all! Thanks for posting the link. I hadn't seen it :biggrin2:



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