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How Could I?!!!


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my dad and i just turned on the tv about 20 minutes ago and we put on the jools holland show. the magic numbers were on and then a few others but i wasnt paying attention because i was upstairs doing my hair, but i was still listening. because we turned it on late, it ended about 20 minutes later and i heard "and thank you to our lovely guests, the magic numbers, the gotan project, and MIKA!!! I started screaming and i ran downstairs, only to catch a glimpse of him in his black pants, white dress shirt, and black suspenders smiling at the crowd. I was literally on the verge of tears!! If we had only turned on the tv like 20 minutes earlier i could have seen him in all of his brilliant glory!! i was cursing the world for about 5 minutes out loud, when my dad tried to calm me down. "Emily, this channel replays everything. It will probably be on later." We checked and thank god it was. It's on at 3 am tomorrow morning!! No problem! Thats what we have alarms for!!

If any of you have Dish Network, its channel 9470 (RAVE) tonight/tomorrow morning at 3 am!!

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