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I wrote two songs (One FOR mika and one ABOUT mika,)


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Yeah, so I wrote these two songs, one really emotion evoking and it is the best song I've written yet... And then comes the one ABOUT him which is kind of cheeky :blush-anim-cl:

I'll just type out the choruses and you guys can tell me what you think of those until I can find a way to upload videos on this computer that belongs with Tutenkahmen's treasure.

This one was one I wrote after reading about how he'd been bullied at school and it's called sad Maria...


Listen to you talk about the things that have been

Schizifrenia, Dyslexia and the things you have seen

Come here sad Maria, and please don't cry

You'll wake up tomorrow, it'll all be alright


And here is the slightly more R rated, Alace in wonderland man


La la Alace in wonderland man

La di dada da he makes me go mad

Flirting and skirting, in a dirty daydream

Oh how I wish to be a pretty lady

Take what you want, just take it all

And let me suck on my lollipop and stare at his picture on the wall


PS. I was implying NOTHING with that last line...:naughty:

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i dont know what im saying but yeah because im just really bored so im just typing c**p onto whatever thread and wherever because im so bord and i got nothing better to do until 5:00 pm when im seeing a movie with my friend. its got jim carrey in it anyways im probably boring YOU now so ill just be gone and stop typing s**t coz im bored and now i think im just going on and on and on ....

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I got a little down about something someone had said to me and whenever I'm sad I always think of Mika or listen to his music and then I feel better.


The person had said something quite hurtful about my thoughts towards Mika and so I went away and wrote this, it's called Undying


You win, it's my love

and now you have control over me

Bolnd hair, blue eyes, I'll make it happen, whatever you want to see

When you look at me, I feel like I'm flying

Mika for you my love is undying


Do you hear me?

Do you hear me?

No I don't think so

You're more angelic than the angels

I love you more than you could know


Yeah, it's kind of gushy but I guess it sounds a bit better when it's sung than when you just reading it.

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