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  1. A Very Nice Review, And You Do Seem To Know What Your Talking About. This New Album Is Gorgeous, And MIKA Did Amazing.
  2. Ohhh...I see, I see. Thanks anyway! :biggrin2:

  3. It's From A Very Old Interview. I've heard so many I can't think of which one though! ha!

  4. LMAO! hilarious:roftl:

  5. oh thanks:flowers2:

  6. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3662463285660823736 Haha I Made That Forever Ago! It's Funny. Or Wait. Do You Mean The Other Ones?
  7. :bye:


    Hey!! I love your siggy. :lol3:


    Where is that from?

  8. Rain Sounds Amazing! And I Love The Clapping Song! I'm SO EXCITED!
  9. hello:bye:

    do you still have the backwards of mika songs?

    the old links in the thread don't work any more:blink:

  10. Argh. I Know! I'm So Excited For The CD. But Longer The Wait, Better The Music!
  11. Lol Thank You. I Will Be On Here Way More Often. Because Were All Excited For MIKA To Get Some New Stuff Out!
  12. haha! That's Right! I'm back On MFC! Yes, I Kno<w it's Been Forever, But i Have A Good Reason! I've Been Making Music! Yesum, I've been Making Original Songs As Well As My Own Music. In-Fact, You Can Go To My Page Via This Link. <That One> So please! Let's Talk! Let's Chat! And Uh, Check Out My Music And Tell Me What You Think So Far! Oh! And You Can Download My Album On There Too. So, lol, Sorry This Seems Like An Advertisement, But I Just Figured You'd Wanna Know What I've Been Up To. So Hit Me Up! Glad To Be Back. My Name Is, Austin James Schock. And Yours Is Not. [My Artist Slogan]
  13. Salut! Je m'appelle Schock. If You Need Help With Anything, Just Ask! Schock:thumb_yello:
  14. She's Always Been A Bit Crazy. ;D
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