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Because of you, a song by Mika?


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I found this song text on http://www.lyrics-songs.com.

I'm confused. Does anybody have the song?



Mika - Because of you.


I gotta go, get away

How i feel about you makes me wonder

If our love is true

You wanna go, all the way

Could you wait a little bit longer

Cause i'm saving all my love because of you


Finally i found it

Someone that i really care about

Baby i believe that you're the one

Now i understand it

That i want you without a doubt

But now i gotta take some time alone


So much more than just a friend

It's the beginning not the end

I'll be there for you time and time again




I don't wanna hurry

Even though i wanna stay the night

Think i better leave it's getting late

You don't have to worry

You're the only one that's in my life

Everything will come to those who wait




When you're by my side

Don't wanna let you go

Hold you so close to me

I don't wanna hide

I try to let it show

But this is the way i feel ¨c oh baby



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