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right now, in my very hands are 4 tickets to see mika on june 15 at the nokia theater in nyc. they are the absolute best tickets that you can buy. GA1.

i a m i n s h o c k. :shocked: SHOCK SHOCK ME!!!!!!!!!!! :woot_jump: AHUJFHkjdhlgkjh;kadjfghakljsdhglkjadhflkg!!!! i'm sooooo excited. i just called my best friend who's going with me and we literally were on the phone for 5 sold minutes SCREAMING. since there's no posts about ny tickets on here yet, i feel like i've got to let you guys know because i love you!! they are on sale right now if you have an american express card. ticketmaster.com. and they go on sale for everyone else on friday at 12!! GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am soooooooo jealous of you. I want to go but I do not have an American Express, so I have to wait until Friday. :( I hope I get some. I really want to see him again!!!!!!!!.

By the way, if I get tickets, maybe we can meet!!!. I would be great to see people from MFC.

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