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Question about tickets to MIKA's groupies!!!

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Ok so the show im gonna see is general admission right... I ordered my tickets on ebay and they say row: G1 and seat:168... does this mean im guaranteed a spot in the front?


So if you've been to a general admission show, can you please let me know from your experience what this all means....


Also, if im not guaranteed a place in the front, how hard is it to squeeze through all those people lol...

Im only going to be able to get there about an hour before the doors open... Do you think i can beat people to the front?

Thanks you guys are the best!

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General Admission is just basically first come, first serve. Some friends of mine went to a sold-out concert at the Metro and were pretty close to the front and they got there not too long before it started. It's a pretty small place, so you're close anyway. Then again, I don't know how long the other Mika fans are willing to stand outside before the concert.

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