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Update!!!!!!! Exhibition!!!!!!!


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Hi guys!!!!!


Look what i've found tonight on Mikasounds...........


Change of date for MIKA art exhibition


Please note that the dates for the exhibition of MIKA's artwork has been put back a day. The exhibition will now be open to the public on July 12-14th. The exhibition takes place at Blink Gallery, Poland Street, London W1.


OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that bloke i spoke to at the gallery was right..........Bugger!!!There goes my plans.................:shocked:

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They have no idea what a trauma it is for us do they???


I don't know what to do now as I have to be in Scotland for the evening of the 12th for a family party and it's almost impossible to get there to see it on any of the other days.




Vix x

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yeah I posted that on Gigs and Tour thread :wink2:


Yeah, i saw that which is why i didn't know if you saw this that i posted the other night, and if other people had seen it or not.

As it was important, new, news, i thought i would do a new thread - makes sense, if i had just posted it in a forum it'd get lost in about 5 seconds and everyone would miss it! :roftl:

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