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  1. Does anyone know whether you can watch the show later or if I miss it live, it’s gone?
  2. Hello fellow Mika fans with runny noses! 🤣🤣🤣 I can’t find these to buy on a site that translates into English (so I’m worried that I can’t work out whether they will ship abroad). Is anyone able to buy them in a shop who would post them to me?
  3. Hi Karin,


    i saw that you were selling tickets for Verona in August but I can’t seem to find anything out about that show on the MFC or the venue’s website....can you point me in the right direction?!


    PS, I’m having computer trouble so can’t upload my Bolzano stuff yet but can see Statue of Liberty posted a video already! 



    1. mellody


      Here's the link to buy tickets, and the show has already been confirmed by Mika in an IG story, we just didn't have time yet to add it on MFC. ;) But I'm planning to do it tonight.


  4. Poor Mika was freezing during the show and asked for his coat for a couple of songs!! 😂
  5. I like your advice!!😝 We really wanted to go to Padova but there were only tickets left in the very corner of the balcony and I didn't want a repeat of London and miss lots of the show by having the wrong tickets. Like I said above, I was sooo stupid to think that I wouldn't want to see another gig!! 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Forget that! I’ve just looked at tickone and can see what you’ve talked about. Why would ticketmaster not offer the allocated seated option?!! Very bizarre. Not sure what to do.....leave it and see what happens or try to swap the tickets in some way and worry that it get cancelled anyway! 🤔
  7. That’s what confused me because I only saw the option of standing or unallocated seating....which ticket sight is selling allocated seating?? I bought from Ticketmaster. Ooooh, I was so excited at planning this whole trip and now I feel uneasy....😟
  8. Oh no, who’s saying that? How does anyone know how it’s selling when it’s not allocated seating?? I've been looking at every single gig to find a way of seeing another show after London which I (stupidly) thought would be enough for me!! The seats are either sold out or the travel costs are too high. I wish I’d thought about it when the tickets were first released.... duuuhhh!!
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