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  1. His voice was great, the sound for the whole show was great, he seemed very happy and relaxed....and clearly touched by the messages and hearts. I was surprised by the lack of staging and the paired down band as I haven’t seen him perform like that sine 2007 on his first tour dates. A few months later it was already starting to grow with big girls and lollipops girls, the glitter cannons, etc. He did say the show was going to be purely musical and it was. I was also really surprised that he sang 9 of the 13 tracks from the new album but it meant that the show was really fresh and new to us. I didn’t get as much stuff on film and pictures as I would have likes but we had a difficult night and had to leave our great spot near the front and ask to move (we were actually trying to leave the venue but couldn’t get out as it was so packed) a lovely guy looked after us, got us some water and found us seats at the back of the balcony. Trouble was that some folk stood up so we didn’t really see much of the gig but it sounded great!! i just wish we could see more shows in the day, sigh. Will post my stuff when we’re back home on Wednesday.
  2. Just arrived in London....very excited now. X
  3. I have a rainbow phobia that I'd had therapy to deal with so that line JUMPED out at me!!
  4. Would anyone be interested in a pair of standing tickets? I'm just checking as I might now need seated ones and am in discussions with the venue.
  5. Thing is, we need to be able to get hold of these lovely box sets before they sell out! Any mods here able to have a word with TM and see where...and more importantly, when, they will be available to buy? March/April seems a common date online but how will we know? As they're only on sale this year I'm guessing they're not going to manufacture too many making them a proper limited edition. I soooo want the V5 flatbox set as well as the pen holder. I don't want to buy single pens or packs of 3 in boring colours only to find the full range appears in March!!!
  6. Ooooh, I LOVE Pilot pens! I would love to buy one of every type he does. I really hope this is going to happen.
  7. Lucky indeed!!! I can't wait for Monday morning when my work colleagues all say..."hey, that Mika guy that you like was on X-Factor last night" - as if I don't know!!!!
  8. Kath, do you recall the songs he chose last time or know where it's hiding here on the site?
  9. You were right!!! I actually shouted out loud and left the room for 30 seconds due to frustration!!!
  10. Managed Row E but to the side. Was actually buying Row N and having dejavu but lost them in the adding payment details page and when I chose again Row E came up!
  11. Hmmmm....this seems to be flying under the radar a bit compared with the frenzy around the maybe there's a chance for us this time!!! Fingers crossed!!!! X
  12. Here's a link to my photos on Facebook. I've not had time to upload my videos yet but I suspect this may have been one of the most photographed and videoed gigs ever!!!! I'll be back on here to read everyone else's stories from the night as soon as RL allows!