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  1. Omg what a sad story to hear rest in peace David
  2. I dont know how many of you listens two twenty one pilots but here i am with my cover of Ruby
  4. I don't know if there's any thread about this but are there any musicians in MFC? If yes upload your videos, Youtube channels, It doesnt have to be Mika related !
  5. Im not big fan but shes good and has amaaazing voiceeeeeeee really also her appearance is awesomeeeeeeeee
  6. G E O R G I A
  7. I agree with you, there isnt even a shop to buy Mikas albums here, we can just order them. Yeah its his life and he can do whatever he wants to do but he has to think about his international career. Wanna say , even if in some countries he hasnt got many fans , when the concert is held there are a looot of people, I enjoy going to concerts even if im not fan, many of the people are like me. after the concerts I start loving, listening and respecting them. it would help Mika a lot to make gigs all around the world, and he would earn more , yeah.
  8. I agree with you ABSOLUTELY
  9. what do you think what can we do to make Mika think about his worldwide career ?
  10. Hes never been in Georgia neither
  11. Hello everyone its already 6th year I guess that im a fan of Mika ( i mean fan but I was listening to him when I was 5 haha ), Im mad about his live concerts that im watching on youtube, screaming, dancing and imaging that im there too and enjoying "concerts", I was screaming when I got his albums,swatch and stuff but whoop? I dont think that each choice is right that he makes. first of all I wanna say some words about StaraCasaMika . What? First of all, Mika is musician, a brilliant musician, with meaningful lyrics, cool rythm and I can talk about his good sides for hours , but do you think that he will make his work as good as he did before when he is fully involved in television? do you think that he'll have time to make a GOOD music? I dont think so. THERES OTHER COUNTRIES BESIDES ITALY. yeah, im from a small country and im sure 90% will think that im from US georgia, but pardon , im from country Georgia located in europe , i would say that mika is in this 90 % , I'd say that he has forgotten about other countries, France-Italy-France-Italy does he really think that there arent any fans in other countries? Hate me and judge me for this TRUTH but maaan , everyone hasnt got much money to travell in other country just to attend to concert, im sure many of us dont work ( maybe because of the age ) so it means that if Im not rich i cant make my dream come true, to meet Mika? Well , I dont know if he ever see this thread , but i want to make think about us, think about his nonitalian and nonfrench fans . Thank you for your attention <3
  12. are you kidding me? im fan of mika since the age of 9 , i know everything about his albums and its funny that youre saying that. just my opinion , i need more musician mika and not journalist