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  1. Hey, when you say 'JFC' do you mean me? If so, why? lol. Don't worry carrinevie - I wasn't talking about you at all. If you was at the front... then it was behind you. Just a set of people who obv turned up late and as soon as Mika hit the stage - they stormed through people. FAO Jules and Kev: I'm J.C. from you know where! lol.
  2. to be honest im suprised im the first to report... it was cold, windy, wet, dark, hour drive home... so no meeting im afraid! would be cool to hear from people who did.
  3. errr yeah trophy sounds great haha! any other info needed just ask, im online for a little bit im sure a more detailed and better review will be up soon
  4. yeah he said this was the first live performance of happy ending. a girl came out and sung it with him but he didn't introduce her. started with relax...went into piano mode...then into cover mode...then finished it with grace kelly and then lollipop! he came on about 8:50 and was off @ 9:50... ish! He looked like he was having a good night, as did his band... to be honest, he proved tonight why he is one of the best out there... top quality talent!
  5. quick report... Mika was on fire tonight... vocally amazing! He sung every song from the album including Happy Ending - he said it was his first time doing it. He also sung Holy Johnny, I Want You Back by Jackson 5 and Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics! Lollipops and balloons were out in full force! Great crowd! Mika played the dustbin with the drumsticks lol. Crowd were fun except for a few people who, because they were Mika nuts and all dressed up etc., thought they cud barge into people and move everyone in sight out the way to get to the position they wanted to be in. I wouldn't be suprised if they post here... lol. All in All... 12 out of 10!
  6. I was just wondering... I saw a thread about a cover of a song that Mika did, and was wondering if anyone had a link to it or could send it? If so please PM me..thanks alot! Sorry I can't be anymore help... but only seen one thread so far about Mika covering another song so there can't be many about. Thanks.
  7. Hey I was wondering if anyone had the single cover for LOVE TODAY used on US iTunes and other places? If so, is it possible for someone to send it to me?? If so, leave me a PM... thank you so much!
  8. Indeed. Just one of those things but hey... Hope it gets rearranged soon.
  9. Annoying... was so looking forward to it! grrrrrrr Any idea when they may possibly rearrange it too? Any obvious breaks in his tour?
  10. If it was a 'serious' bout of flu... then how comes he is back for the 22nd? I get he has the flu and can't do tonight... but SERIOUS BOUT OF FLU? Bit OTT?
  11. Is it possible to start a MIKA MP3 thread? If it's not allowed on this forum then, obviously, just say no. But MIKA is starting to gig all over the world...often doing covers of various songs, different/alternate versions of his songs and songs we are yet to hear. Just wondering if people start recording these or whatever then maybe they could be uploaded to one thread and share the MIKA loving. I have no idea if recording MIKA's shows or what not is legal or illegal. Never done it myself but I do know that it obviously goes on everywhere. Archive.org is dedicated to live recordings and seems legal. Anyways, let me know and any suggestions/ideas is cool. All in the name of MIKA!
  12. Sorry if this has been posted before But... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_j48sSRwNg Can anyone translate any of this?
  13. Ohhhhhhhh.. i thought it was one track together with a weird gap in the middle. Okay... now I feel stupid lol. Thank you.
  14. Apparently OVER MY SHOULDER is a bonus track on the album...only one ive seen is RING RING... How do you go about getting Over My Shoulder?? Thanks.
  15. It was awesome...but...was he miming??
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