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  1. My first meeting with Mika took place this summer and I brought him a fur toy chicken which sings and dances :lmfao: He was really cracked up and it was so relaxed and fun :wub2: I just had to tell you since you started this tradition :naughty:

  2. Hope all is well with you, Carri, and that you have a good birthday :happybday:

  3. One would hope - but v little eye contact. I just feel a little deflated 0 but i was worried that would happen anyway as it was such a build up and wait !
  4. This is the theory I am working on - came out quick, saw no fans and left and is now thinking that He has no "die hards" in Van ...
  5. I think I was more disappointed for the Mika Virgins - there was prob 16 of us (max) at the stage door. Some one big like Pink, Gaga etc that would get mobbed , yes I can fully unstand them being whisked away. But really ... A small venue gig and someone who is hardly known in Canada? Probably doesn't help our expectations when he has been so reachable before - big girls video, after gigs, MFC after party , hot chocolate, ice cream, other friendly band members... So I think I was a little stunned - if it stays the same for the whole tour I may not be so grumpy The Venue takes a while to exit - particularly if you used coat check and you have to hoof half a block and down the alley. Maybe if people had been quicker a glimpse may have been achieved . Maybe this is a new management ploy ... The Scarlet Pimpernel!
  6. Hmm so what did Vancouver do to offend him or is this the new plan - leave straight away??
  7. Yes it was billed as an early shows - doors at 7 show at 8 as The Venue also Operates as a nightclub - thus Mikas management would have been completely aware of the time limitations ... However, given the comments made by Mika on stage when he was handed the note, I really don't think he was expecting to be reminded to finish in 10! Also no recording was permitted..
  8. Yes they gave him a note telling him 15 minutes left ... No encore He left straight away too
  9. Great set - stripped bare - sad he left straight after
  10. Ok it's 3.36pm - I have heard from Mana - in pub near Venue - no line ups yet - Couvites are waaaaay too cool for that type of thing! I will be heading down at 5.30 to meet friends - doors open at 7 show at 8!
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