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  1. Haha feel free to take the "Mika in Makeup" pic from the avatar thread with the caption "Please wear eyeliner!" haha
  2. I AM pretty cool I suppose Welcome welcome :D ... although I dont know why I am welcoming you, I was on the phone to you most of the day
  3. "sweet"....?! hmm not sure if thats possible [had a mika dream the other night but woaaah, lets not go there! this is, afterall, a family forum!]
  4. haha! good point anyway chic hope you ok, feel like havent talked to you in ageeeeees!! x
  5. *cough*loser*cough* awww bless you chica!! x
  6. thank you so much! That blue shirt and bead one = wow!
  7. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM and this lady loves Prince
  8. Heylo Does anyone know of anywhere that has any high quality "photoshoot" pictures? like, not live pictures or whatnot? Thanking u in advance!
  9. Haha theyre probs not really, I think my mind just wanders a little too much! I dont know, in my mind he would say "well see if you can fit in them at the same time ;)" hahaha but... yes well less said about my mind the better
  10. ooooh! but.. lollies are helium balloon shaped??
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