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  1. Logging in at MFC cause there's gotta be news, there's just gotta be. Searching for pictures and mp3-s hoping there's something we still haven't seen. Youtube, Perez, Channel 4, Radio 1 we're already there whenever Mika's on. Discussing our obsession, our likes and dreams, posting stuff that Mika shouldn't see. Mikafans united all over the world who's at school, who's at home, who's even at work We're totally obsessed, we know and we're all beautifully letting it show But it's just the way he is i guess No more - No less The way his curly hair's a mess the way he twangs his braces his necklace showing us his chest the way he simply dresses The thing we love about him most is his voice, but there are some of those who seem to have an elephant standing on their ear cause all they ever say is this: Who? Mika? Oh he's too weird! You go, Mika, we'll back you up And show them what we mean. Cause we love you from all our hearts and we hope you feel the same I could say: why do i even bother it cannot be described in words.. the feeling i get when i realize we live in the same damn world Intelligence. Talent. Looks so smashy:naughty: he's got that something that just makes us happy:wink2:
  2. Wooohooo lollipop I loveloveLOVE his laughter:naughty:
  3. I just sent a message too:biggrin2: , I've never done that and i feel so proud of myself now
  4. yeah, i noticed too!! 'n i like it..well that's the only way anybody should ever say his name...isn't it:bleh:
  5. i can't believe it! I'm going to hear MIKA live! i'm soo excited:roftl:
  6. ok, my turn:bleh: Hi, cheers! You're at MikaFanclub, mate. Try to post a thread and stay up really late. In order to chat with all the MikaManiacs find out who's DaWack and hit 'em with some Mikafacts. In case you have'nt noticed my Mikaphoria I'm not even trying to be polite MIKA, please come to Estonia!! Hey ya'all, yeah this is me. Haven't posted that much or that eagerly. Have been hiding myself yep, I'm lurking too:roftl: Just gotta spread some MikaLove That's what ya gotta do! well...at least i tried:wink2:
  7. Well i think jumping around and dancing during performances really pays off too:thumb_yello:
  8. couldn't agree more should already start saving money:wink2: yeah, that's right! that's what i'm gonna do yesyes, please come:blush-anim-cl:
  9. I was just thinking the same about the camp thing:sneaky2: But the pic and the video - ooh, Love!! 'em both And that T-shirt.. me likes:naughty:
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