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  1. Thank you for telling me. I have the suspition everyone thinks I did that... Maybe not...but in case, I didn't. Does anyone think they would let me go to the V festival with a parent/sibling?
  2. Hi it's me again. If anyone remembers me that'll be good. Well I haven't been on for a few months because of things I've had to do...well I have been skimming through some things but I still probably have no idea about anything anymore. Most of you (if you remember me) may know me. Feel free to tell me anything I might've missed. (Mika related of course)
  3. Now I want to see Mika and Jim Carrey next to each other in the same picture.
  4. !@^%!!*& wow! Ok, I come back and this is the first thing I see! I think people heard my hysterical laugh from the other side of the world... Freddie isn't the only one who thinks he looks like Jim Carrey then I'm not going to say what came into my mind after that. If Mika doesn't get his curls back, I'm going to hunt him down and shave his head.
  5. Is that what everyone's talking about?
  6. But how? When did he talk about it? I feel so behind
  7. I'm on holiday and I see there has been talk of a new Mika album here. Ok, I may be a little slow and dumb but my excuse is that I've been on holiday for more than a month and I've no idea what's going on Could someone please fill me in on the new album thing or give me a link to anything that would help me understand?
  8. I knew it, hahah. I'm weird like that. Well I'll explain tomorrow in a PM, today...I'm busy with something sad
  9. We need to go on Gabbly more again. At least 3 of the greatest MFC moments I've had were on Gabbly...but there were many more- I'm gonna go now, there are drunk people fighting outside my house....o_O
  10. Thank you *hands cookie* Now you know I have a soft side, not just a scary "Gonna stalk you with fairy floss" side Anyway, back to being serious, really? Wow I think I might send you something soon. It was a Mika dream I had and I think you'll like it. I haven't told anyone except for Helen yet and that wasn't the very descriptive version because I don't want anyone to laugh I'm babbling aren't I? Reply if you understand anything
  11. You only feel sorry for Luke? What about Big Girl?!?!
  12. That's ok. But read it some time! Anyway, the first thing that comes into my mind when I think of Mika is....soft undescribable hugs (don't ask why, oh and I've never met him so I wouldn't know).
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