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  1. *turns the tv on, hears "so i tried a little freddeh..mm..i've gone identity maaaaaaad", dances* lol
  2. "grace kelly" video was on at a casino in malta, that's where i first saw it
  3. oh dear.. sounds like some serious obsession going on here congrats anyway!
  4. WOOOOT got my copy of the album today *does a happy dance* the lack of lyrics in the cd booklet is a little disappointing tho
  5. oh congrats cw! i'm quite new to this forum but i feel that you make a great contribution to this forum. well deserved
  6. poor gyu is at constant danger of being eaten by fangirls every time he steps out of the tour bus or tries to get on it.. actually, they all are:roftl: i'd rather eat richard, myself:naughty:
  7. oh and also i've mett all three guys from Keane whom i <3 very much
  8. yeh me to!! i'm sure every snooker fan AND every player would be happy for him if he won it, but i'm affraid it's too late for him
  9. i've met jimmy twice.. what a top guy! presented him with a bottle of russian vodka the second time lol
  10. met almost all the pro snooker players + there have been a few small articles written about me in the media of different countries and i've been on tv a few times, but you won't recognise me unless you are a snooker fan
  11. hang on, there's two more one - my interpretation http://download.yousendit.com/533DB3831C857E19 aaaand two - billy brown http://download.yousendit.com/A6B9AA290623FA05 phew! thanks for the heads up andy guy!
  12. no probs cw, glad it worked for you ok, here's another one, everybody's talking cover http://download.yousendit.com/232C8FCA1C5F73A6 upd: grace kelly http://download.yousendit.com/6DF2E9987835DF06 upd 2: love today http://download.yousendit.com/6A0EFE08424AFF14
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