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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/photos/chrismoyles/4075/42#gallery4075
  2. I was listening to the chart show and Fearne and Reggie said that Mika will be on Jo Whiley's show tomorrow (Monday from 10a.m Radio 1) for the first play of his new single. Sorry if it's been posted before and I hope I've got my facts right. XXX
  3. Hey guys a few questions, 1. has anyone got their tickets yet (starting to panic as only a week away) 2. what are the code things you got when you booked the tickets? Thanks x
  4. It keeps coming up with the old website?!
  5. You know in documentary whats he saying about love handles? He doesn't like them? XX
  6. Hi Guys, My friend e-mailed me this link, http://www.starnow.co.uk/Jobs-Auditions/TV/Other/new_itv1_show_pop_super_fans_meet_idols.htm brand new ITV1 special is offering the chance for pop's superfans of all ages to meet and perform with their pop icons. Are you McFly's biggest fan and want the chance to sing or drum with the group, live on the show? Does your sister know all of Girls Aloud's dance moves and wish she could have the chance to perform one of their hits with them? Is you mum the biggest Michael Buble fan and would love to duet with him? Then we want to hear from you now! Upon applying, we will email you a form to fill in. Make sure you apply as soon as possible to have a chance Problem is I think you have to pay to register with this site to apply. But if someone can find another site with contact details. How cool would it be to sing or play piano with Mika!! XXXXXXX
  7. HI my friend Abi has just sent me a Facebook asking me to vote for her qualifying story at http://www.hoys.co.uk/blog/index.php/2008/07/30/broken-dreams I worked with her and she's really lovely (incidently it was her who wrote the Beirut article on buzz patrol.) Anyway she'll probably kill me for asking but please vote as her story only went on yersterday and everyone else's went on a month ago!! Love Jen xx
  8. Yeah I might go, its nice to have a look round!!
  9. Its on 8th-12th October at the NEC in Birmingham and seeing as your in Florida, it might be a bit too far away!!!!!!!!
  10. Just wondering if any of you horse lovers are going to Hores Of The Year Show this year? I wonder if Mika likes horses???? XXXXXXXXXXXXX
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