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  1. didnt mika releace lolipops into the charts RUBY SUCK!!
  2. yayayayayayayayayayyayayayayaya best eva singer is da mika man mika beats Kiser cheifs easily
  3. ye i like the hole sone but i think the beging is a really good start
  4. i really like the start to lollipop. where there are pops, and different noises and sum1 says Hey mika!!! what do u like about it!!!!
  5. i hope mika will make it next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. does anyone know if mika is going to be at the brits tonight on ITV hope he is, if he is i think he might get a reward!!!
  7. YAYAYAYYA, he is still at number 1. I have thought he was wicked ever since i heard him my chin dropped :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: when i heared how good he was!!!
  8. on my copy of life in cartoon motion, i think there may be a glitch.. well on 2 songs, ("relax, take it easy" and "any other world"), there is a woman talking at the end, i dont think it is ment to be there, is it on your copy on the CD????
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