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  1. The video totally rox!!!! He looks sooooooooooooooooooo gd in it!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. totally gorgeous! can't wait 2 c him live!!!!!!!!!!
  3. omg, i cant wait! it's gonna b kl! been waitin 4 this all week! lol
  4. hi!! well u defo came 2 the rite place! how could any1 not love Mika????
  5. love the picture n i love it when he does the whole 'kerchiiiing' bit on the vid!
  6. omg that is such a cool pic! i've never seen that b4! i love it!
  7. Hi Mika!!! well i think from this u can see that we're all slightly mad!! Gonna see u at V fest! Can't wait!!!!!!!! :
  8. ahhh they're so kl! his hair looks really cute n curly in them!
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