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  1. same same same as last year....happy birthday!

  2. i know you never log.....*sighs*

    but happy birthday my dear!


  3. I love it Robertina! Do you think he saw the tartan when he was stalking you???
  4. Mirtilla, If i wasn't blonde haired with blue eyes, I'd swear I should have been Italian!
  5. Well I regularly shout forza ferrari (I am a 100% tifosi), so shout away!
  6. AHHHH, just typed a big reply to various posts on here and it got lost! My passion for italian football goes all the way back to the 1982 world cup, Paulo Rossi, then 1990 Guiseppe Gianini, 1994 Roberto Baggio (spelling may be iffy) - the only time I ever watch football with an ulterior motive is when Italy are playing:naughty: Scots fans are generally very well behaved and the atmosphere at our games is fab. We were voted best fans at the 1998 world cup (I was there!) Anyway, we beat France at home, so bring on Italy, I say! Whatever the outcome, it will be great!
  7. Robertina, I will defo be at the football match, I have waited a long time to see Italy in the flesh and am not passing up this opportunity!
  8. What bad experience, I've only ever had good ones at the football! Verra friendly bunch us Scots footie fans!
  9. We are allowed to order 2 tickets per travel club member. My brother and his wife (who live in Glasgow), ususally come with us, BUT, if either of them doesn't come then I could get you a ticket! Tickets won't be on sale for another couple of months anyway, but I will let you know. Oh, and you'd have to support Scotland! AND wear a kilt:biggrin2: AND drink lots of beer beforehand!
  10. Oh that's a defo! Just need to figure out if I will make it to Mika! Getting away from Hampden is a nightmare! Oh dear, and if it's anything like the France game, we were in the ground singing for half an hour after the final whistle!
  11. I guess I could do that, but I'd end up on my own inside the gig, I am sure you will all be queued up from early on! Big decision to make!
  12. Oh dearie me! What a massive blow to my Mika trip in November. Have just found out that Scotland are playing Italy that day, and Kick off is at 5.00pm! I have wanted to see Italy play for years and simply cannot miss this game! Now have to figure out if I can do both. Oh dear:boxed:
  13. I was staying at friends last night in Perth and was telling Tracey all about the Tartan trousers (didn't realise she knew nothing about it), quite a few glasses of wine into the night, I tried to show her the clip about tight fitting on the arse girls, but couldn't find it. Never mind I thought, popped onto the MFC to get it from your signature, and lo and behold, it was gone! DOH!
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