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  1. Happy Birthday






  3. No problem with that sweetie! Have a Mikhappy week! :huglove:

    Just thinking that he drank out of your gorgeous cups and put his hands and lips on your drawings! :fangurl:

    That was such an awesome project! :clap:

  4. true. but I just HATE that I have to tolerate you cause I feel I'm better than you pov. it may be a detail, but I think it's a substantial detail I see where you come from and it's reasonable. still, in year 2010 going 2011, I feel acceptance should be granted to everyone.
  5. ROTFL :roftl::roftl: no wonder it sounds so dejavu... and I was even there!! heheheheheheheh *goes and cancel previous posts* thx for having pointed me in the right direction
  6. I KNEW this would have been a looooongly debated topic. couldn't be any different and it's totally to understand. I wish I had his faith... I certaintly agree with several of the things he said, but I strongly detest the word Tolerance: Acceptance is SO much better. sorry, mika
  7. late reply for this too.. sorry

    thx for the kind words about the mika bday gift 2008: appreciated :)

  8. :bye: I know it's a bit late! :lmfao: but I've come just come accross the 2008 mugs for Mika thread and this is so impressive! I just had to :clap:
  9. niiiiice interview and pic.. he still looks stunning in pink
  10. I just can see these objects in mika's house.. really cute items, I like them a lot!
  11. Yes, you are true - autumn is the best time of the year, I'm with you. This is also a reason that I've married in september. Btw. next week my hubby and I fly to Barcelona for some days as we've married 20 years ago, what a long time.. and for your surgery, till now I don't know something about this.. do you want to tell me more about it? if yes, I would be pleased about your PM, if you want so of course :) - bye, take care

  12. hi. autumn colours are the best: I'm a true autumn child. :) I'm not 100% fine yet, but surgery went well. also back to work since monday.