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  1. They prices to go to beirut are crazy!! I love that its a hotspot and all... but heres some perspective for you, flying in from north america is expensive no matter how you look at it. last summer i flew in for $1700, this summer im paying $2400... My mom went last summer for $1600, this april for $1100 and just left last week for $2400 ... her ticket just in the months since the election and all that more than DOUBLED ... i've heard u can't even get a hotel room in beirut this summer since people are climbing all over eachother to get a spot!
  2. Hey! how do we get tickets to this ??? Im gonna be in lebanon that week my fam is moving there !
  3. Sara I'm glad to see you've made it home! can't wait to see the vids... great pics by the way!
  4. hahaha yeah the audience totally got ahead of themselves there... it was funny I was singing along too and then he had that look like ... nonono I WANNA TALK TO YOU!!!
  5. to be honest ive only been to lebanon once as im not lebanese... we went to visit my uncle beirut over the summer and my mom and sister fell in love with it and bought a place there ... im staying in toronto i'll just be going back and forth for vacations i guess ... its gorgeous there and people seriously know how to party ... ive never come across such an outgoing population of people .. i was hoping someone here could tell me about beirut ... where to go to party anddd if they know anything about an area called rabia ... is it in beirut or is it a suburb etc
  6. I'm hoping and praying that things calm down in lebanon so tht mika would be willing to do a show there haha... I was at music hall (is that what its called?)last summer and they had to have played every one of his singles lol... My family is moving there soon we've got an apartment and stuff so I'm gonna be going back and forth between Toronto and Beirut and nothin would beat seeing mika play live in beirut!
  7. I don't think he's very hairy for an arabic guy... (aside from the trimming or grooming or whatever) ... You should see some of the men I've come across... shaving since they were 12 yrs old lol... I don't find that he looks lebanese at all... I don't know.. I wouldn't pin him for partially arabic... I could see him being spanish maybe... I don't know what an american is supposed to look like, as their heritage/ancestry is european (unless they are native)
  8. wow theres a canadian thread? I call spot number 40 on that list!
  9. Please excuse the idiot screaming mikaaaa mika youre hot mikaaaaa (she was screaming mika stick it in me in some other songs) it was quite disturbing she needed a reality check and a mouth gag... and maybe one of those mental restraining jackets so that she'd stop elbowing me and groping me.. mika had the poor girl in HEAT (my camera droped down a few times as i turn around and try to remove her hand from its position on my body) anyway so this is the vid... ms lollipop girl you ll probably want to fast forward towards the end so you can see your little dance moves haha so cute!! Without further babbling from me: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HUZ5K1E8 PS if anyone has the full thing of Stuck in the middle, hick up included could you please upload it to a place where i can download it? please please?
  10. you look so precious in the vid and ill have you know i was extremely jealous haha and 17 minutes left till its finished uploading
  11. being the retard that i am and not much of a poster on here i just saw that we cant post mikas demos... does that also mean we cant post the footage of the new song and holy johnny from the concerts? cuz in that case ive gotta re up the video and take those out...
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