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  1. Hello lovely - weealx asked me to get you to PM him the photo of him and you taken in London before the party!! Hope to catch you soon :huglove:

  2. I am on your side! Rose has been in all the Mika historic moments *feels a little jealous* funny
  3. * Shrieks, puts on her shoes, wears her jacket and starts running out of the naughty corner* belly hair ewwwwwwwww
  4. oups! caught in the act.. now Mika... come to Dubai!!!!!!!!!.... MARRY MEEEEE, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee love, XXXXXOOOOOO future-mrs-penniman are you sure you are talking about his nose?
  5. Agree with you, i think he can seriously get away with any look... not because he is chickeny... but he is so stylish with very good figure/bone structure that he manages to look good in any "look"... and it is kind of fun seeing him in a new style... something unexpected... he is quiet daring with the things he wears (not many pop stars can get away with colorful plastic accessories over their neck, arms, and all over their clothes) - but he does and it doesn't look silly or childish...
  6. totally if these pictures made ME deserve the naughty corner... am sure you deserve a whole naughty room all to yourself so did you like the new look.. people had different points of view...
  7. let me check one more time: - no blogs (check) - no vlogs (check) - no public gigs (check) - no new music (check) = very bored - new pictures with his straight hair (check) = naughty corner and that's coming from someone who really isn't into his looks
  8. cause it's more fun I wish I can say the same about me... but i have been very naughty lately... and that's because am bored
  9. will definitely do ... as soon as I get a new one :thumb_yello:

  10. PM me Racha if you make a new account - I would hate to lose touch with you. I am missing so much on the forum just now - and catch up at odd times. :huglove:

  11. Yes, and it's going to be a good one! I have one this Saturday, I'm looking forward too it but not as much as to the MFC one!

  12. Just as cute as you asking in Spanish :naughty: Pffff, why is work always stressful, no matter what's your job? Freaking bosses... I'm fine, writing my final report on the dig, booooring task, but has to be done! Lucky you, going to the UK, I finally couldn't make it, sadly...

    Yep, I didn't pass, I'll try again next year, I'm studying already, sooo tiresome:thumbdown:

  13. it's sooo cute answering back in a Lebanese dialect! :)

    all is well here... work is stressful... nothing special.. looking forward to my holiday in the UK end of this month...


    did they get back to you with the test results?

  14. Ahleeeeeen!!!! All is fine, thanks, just have this lousy cold that seems to love me too much, hehe. How's you,love?

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