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  1. If he reads this one, does that mean he reads his secret society one too? D: I post there more....
  2. http://img70.imageshack.us/img70/7443/2007xl008ny6.jpg Thats my new favourite picture... <333:mf_lustslow:
  3. ... I didn't think anyone was this good looking...
  4. If Freddie were alive, im sure thatd be the only person Id want to see Mika singing with... <3333
  5. My favourite song... <333 I wish he had a cute video for it though... (with him in it of course... )
  6. Oh my.. i completely forgot to talk about my hand fetish! Yes... so, to steal your post idea, I also am greatly attracted to his hands... <3333
  7. Other than him being a beautiful man, and having the voice of an angel... (and the obvious brace appeal ;D) I think I like/respect him because instead of being an asshole with his sudden rise to fame (and fortune?) he's stayed a good guy... Like how he likes smaller places to play his shows, and that hes willing to meet his fans outside in the cold after his gigs... everyone that has met him, and has posted about it has had a great experience with him. If he doesnt stay famous, i know that he'll always be one of my favourite artists and people to adore.
  8. *shivers from excitement* Is it just me? Or does seeing Mikas photos make you shiver? <333333
  9. "Wanna come over? My parents arent home... "
  10. My conversations between family members, friends, teachers, random store clerks etc consist of facts about Mika... Example: "Oh, thats 5 dollars? Well, I read on the internet that Mika did some singing for a bubblegum song for alot less...." Hmm... Obsessed much?
  11. Oh. My. God. That was excellent! You are hilarious! At first, i read the title, and was like "Whos that?" And then when he came down to the Much Music Stuff, i looked at your username, and realized XD That was great! I really hope Mika lurks here tonight! XD (Btw, I loved you throwing the undies!)
  12. Oh, and yes. I can fix pixtures for your webbie. XD
  13. I use Paint shop pro X, and I click the clone stamp a billion times. <3 I dont think theres a "get rid of watermarks" tool... u.u I wish there was... But heres a sample of what Ive done before. </3 sorry for the quality. I saved it small to show you guys.
  14. How long will it take from Toronto? XD:blush-anim-cl:
  15. Aw cmon! A couple grand is worth it! (LOL. I say that like I have the money to spend...) We could always get sponsers XDXDXD
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