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  1. Hello

    I was wodering whether you could please tell me how i can delete this account or if not then try and not have my posts show up?

    Thank you very much


  2. hi

    im anna

    do u have habbo?

  3. hmm.. I think its that women he mentioned. The one who lost her eye. xxx
  4. Awwwwww That was one amazing article thanks xxx
  5. haha. Wht the????? LOL. Mika and borat..! xxx
  6. hahhaa. Your dreams are sooo funny.. OMG. right guys.. I had this dream of mika obv.. I cnat remmber the full details but ill tell ya the brief.. I was at school... and then my mum called me up at break... and she goes " Shireen....I've got good news" and i went " ohh okay mum go on then" and she went " MIKA's new album is out" and i was like OMG OMG then i was like [ why did my mum call me up and do that ...she doesnt like mika...and she doenst like my obsession with mika :S?] lool and then i went ohh okay thanks mum and she went no problem he came on g
  7. hmmm The toy toy toy agen!! hmmmm I wonder what tht means! Thanks for sharing!
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