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  1. I'm looking for about 3 of the blinking heart necklaces that have become the identification for MFC members at MIKA's concerts. I am willing to pay for them. They are here at this website: http://www.flashingblinkylights.com/Acrylic-Heart-Necklaces-SKU-NO-10558.htm but you have to buy them 24 at a time & I don't need that many. Does anyone have any extras they'd be willing to part with? Thanks!
  2. he threw a drumstick into our audience and the guy next to me got it...... but no braces!!
  3. hello!!! may i be a bond girl??? i would like to protect MIKA's vocal chords!
  4. JESSICA!! we found each other!!!! Lol!!! so are you trying to be a MIKA"s angel too?? apparently there are guidelines to be one!!! we should make our own group!
  5. Queen is amazing!!! can i be a QUeeniac please? they were all so gorgeous and fabulous musicians! "empty spaces, what are we living for? abandoned places I guess we know the score. On and on, does anybody know what we are living for?"
  6. hi!!! i was wondering if i could be a MIKA"s angel? please? I played MIKA's cd for 2 of my friends and they loved it and wanted to buy it!!! MIKA is the sexiest man on earth!!!!
  7. i bet mika's lips are very smooth and tasty! that girl is so lucky.
  8. did you see Yasmine at the DC concert Hootchatootch?
  9. 1. cleveland, ohio!! please! 2. pittsburgh, pennsylvania 3. columbus, ohio
  10. can i help? i can send you a patch!!! please!!!
  11. jerry took a pic of us too!! he is such a nice man!!! i love him SOOO Much!!! hehe
  12. awww! that is the sweetest video ever!! mika is so thoughtful and kind!! ahhh I love him!!!
  13. is our concert the only one that MIKA didn't take his shirt off at??? i wanted to see him shirtless!!!
  14. wow~!!!!! thank you SOO MUCH for uploading those videos of our concert!!!!! you are the best!!! i think the sweet dreams one is my favorite too!!! he is so sexy!!! haha that was the best concert ever!!!
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