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  1. Yeah.. there were shouting matches, people pushing others out of the way to get closer... it was madness. At one point, I was like, "PEOPLE!! MIKA WOULDN'T WANT YOU TO DO THIS!!!" Lordy.
  2. Actually, he kind of did try to. So awkward. Dude... Mika fans are crazy ruthless. Fights were breaking out in the crowd in between Creature and Mika. It was ridiculous. YOU'RE ALL ANIMALS!
  3. Two hours before. There was a creeper infront of me and my friend in line. He was over 40 and all by himself. He kept looking at us. It was scary.
  4. I'm awesome! And Creature is FREAKING AWESOME. I loved them when they and Mika came to TO. They're coming back March 6th
  5. If a singer has vocal problems, they should go on COMPLETE vocal rest until their voice is 100 percent. Mika should be well aware of this, since he studied classically for years. I know, it's hard to cancel all gigs, but taking 1-3 days off every 4 days is just not enough. He needs take a month (preferably more) to go on complete vocal rest, or it will effect him in the long run. I understand it would be near impossible to do this now, since he has so many gigs to do, but this should happen soon. Polyps, nodules, and other vocal problems are NOT fun.
  6. I have those exact braces. I've had them for like, 5 years.
  7. Teehee. I'm actually a sweetheart, once you get to know me!
  8. I know. I guess we could alternate... Like, you get him during the week, and I get him on weekends and holidays. Then I'd abduct him and keep him in a cage in my basement and feed him fishheads.
  9. I KNOW!!! His bum is for my hands only. Gosh!
  10. Yes! It worked! Whoa!!! Ass-grabbage at 0:33!!
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