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  1. Hi, I don't come on here a lot anymore, but I thought I should write a review, for the people who did not have a chance to be there saturday. So, 2 friends (one of them was Froy, he popped up a few pages ago with his hilarious Flemish review) and I arrived at "Het koninklijk circus" around 2:45pm, we were number 77 to 79 so we had high hopes to stand close to the stage. Waiting was more fun than we expected and we were joking around in good spirits and good weather (we thought it was going to rain, but we did not see a drop) So we got in and stood in the second row on the right, which was great!! The people around us seemed really nice, there was enough space and nobody was pushing. Only poor Froy was standing behind a huge guy who just had to stand on the first row. Next to the huge guy stood a young boy who was probably experiencing his first Mika concert. He stood in the first row, but he had a bit of bad luck. He had to look around the large man next to him. The DJ started, but we did not really like him, he seemed a little bit full of himself (Sorry DJ). So we just joked around during his performance (again, sorry DJ). This venue was amazing, nice vibe, quite small, no running, good organization, friendly security guards... So we had high hopes for the concert. It started of slow with Un soleil mal luné, but that song is so beautiful live. He just made us speechless with that one, the whole venue became silent. After that it started to warm up and then at one point it exploded!! I can not really point out when it blew up, but I think Mika meant to lead the gig this way because he chose a slow song to start the concert. I lost myself in the moment so I do not know the right order of the setlist anymore and I’m too lazy to look it up. Stardust was so beautiful, the 3 of us were having tears in our eyes and I absolutely loved underwater. It is one of my favorite songs on the new album, the bubbles brought a nice extra touch to the song. Around I only love you when I’m drunk he asked to turn the lights on in the tribune, we looked behind us and the audience looked amazing, I think everybody was on their feet. Around that time he spotted a lady in the tribune and asked to show us some moves. She was standing far away, but still he noticed her, that was great (You! Yes you, I like you! He said.). Mika really looked in the audience Saturday night, this is the first time in 3 gigs I really noticed it. He even saw the 4 people who were dancing way up on the highest tribune above the right side of the stage. I didn’t even realized they were there, but I was happy I looked up. They danced really funny. So it was a great concert, everybody else already talked about the highlights and I absolutely agree. I will add a few more things. The guy who danced on stage, suddenly popped up out of nowhere next to us, our neighbors were a bit pissed off because he stood in front of them and he started to jump really high before he asked to go on the stage. At the same time there were already 2 big security guys on the right side of the stage keeping an eye on him. Then Mika gave him the sign to come on stage, our neighbors were happy again because they were back in the second row. However, the 2 security guys moved immediately to the stage. One was ready to climb on stage, the other one suddenly stood right in front of us. Thank you security guards, I felt really safe because you 2 were keeping such a close eye to everything that was happening, but I would have appreciated it if you kept a close eye behind me instead of in front of me. However the guys realized there was not a security issue, because Mika had everything under control and they walked back to the side. I really liked Mika in Vorst Nationaal because it was my first concert and my first Mika concert, but this one seemed even better than the first one. Such a wonderful evening. The concert ended and Froy had to leave to catch his train. My other friend and I wanted to try to get an autograph. We walked to the other side of the venue and there were around 60 people there. (on the first concert in Brussels we were with 20 people in total.) So I was a bit worried it was not going to work this time. We stood on the side, because there were less people. Then Mika walked outside and on the other side everybody started to push. Security guards made sure they kept their distance. Mika signed on every side where people were waiting and he talked shortly to the crew members who watched the craziness unfold next to the equipment van. During the signing, balcony doors from one of the apartments on the other side of the street opened and 2 little kids started to call Mika’s name. It was so cute, I think he waved back, but I couldn’t see clearly because the van blocked my view. He also signed the balloons of 3 kids who were waiting with their parents in front of the minivan that would bring him back to his hotel. Then a miracle happened and we actually got an autograph, everybody on our side got one. So we were really lucky and I still glance at my cd once in a while, because I still can not really believe we were so fortunate. So, it was a great evening, amazing and as usual my review got a lot longer than I expected.
  2. Dan is het idd wel raar dat ze hem nog niet draaien, ik luister niet zo vaak naar MNM, dus ik heb er geen idee van
  3. Ik ook, mijn vriend wordt gek als hij het ook nog eens op de radio moet horen (ik zet het nu al regelmatig op) Hij houdt niet zo van mika:mf_rosetinted:
  4. goed zo! mss helpt dat wel zoals je ziet staat mika al op 44 in de waalse ultratop 50 na week 1, in de vlaamse zie ik hem nog niet. Volgens mij zal het niet meer zo lang duren tot we hem op de radio horen!
  5. Ik kon niet:sneaky2:, best spijtig, maarja, dan wachten we op de volgende tournee:mf_rosetinted: Ik denk dat het wat tijd kost eer dat ze door hebben dat die single er is. Staat elle me dit eigenlijk al in de Waalse hitparade? *gaat kijken*
  6. ik weet echt bijna niets meer van wat er hier gebeurt. Ik check mikasounds, mika's facebook en twitter regelmatig. Ik weet dat hij laats bij les ardentes was en dat hij 3 nieuwe liedjes heeft. Waarvan jij Elle me dit op MNM probeert te krijgen, wat heel vet is Bij ons staat radio 2 regelmatig op, maar hier heb ik het ook nog niet gehoord
  7. Hmmm, spijtig, toen ik keek dacht ik : oeh, mensen ff checken of ik terug kan posten we kunnen het altijd proberen!
  8. Het lukt! Ik ben al heel lang niet meer online geweest, eigenlijk een serieuze schande. Zo lang dat ik mijn wachtwoord van mijn account vergeten was. Het mailadres dat ik voor mijn account gebruikte wist ik ook al niet meer (echt erg, I know) Na heel veel proberen lukte het me toch, ik wist mijn mail te veranderen, mijn signature te verwijderen (die was te groot). Wil ik iets posten: lukt het niet. Uiteindelijk kom ik erachter dat ik mijn account moest activeren of zoiets, dus zie hier: opnieuw mijn eerste post in the Dutch tread!
  9. Gelukkige Verjaardag! :yay:

  10. I'm leaving to the sport paleis in 15 minutes I can't wait :biggrin2:
  11. heeee, je komt morgen toch wel he? :tooth:

    morgen kom ik iig wel!


  12. hmmm 20 minutes, I can survive that Belgium has a lot of artists who are miles better than this one, why this one?
  13. God, I'm going to be so bored before Mika begins Do you know how long the supporting act plays? (please say less than an hour, I won't survive that, or even better less than a minute! )
  14. Why couldn't he bring alphabeat for a second time? They're much better, or Milow, or just someone else! Ok, I like club music, but this is just too boring and bad
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