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  1. Wish i could come, but life’s a bit different than 4 years ago. Also not crazy about brussels when it comes to driving there and things. Hope maybe there will be a show in Antwerp next year maybe. to all those going, have fun!!!! I’ll be there in spirit
  2. Nearly missed your birthday :shocked:


    Hope you had a great day :hug:



    1. ilseh1983


      i had a great day indeed :)


      Thanks a lot!!!!! :D

  3. When I learnt about what happened yesterday I was shocked. I've met David a couple of times and chatted with him on twitter. Lately I've lost touch. It makes me sad to know he's no longer with us. RIP David
  4. that would be wonderful there's really only one thing i still really want... and that's just one picture with the maestro that would make my day well... maybe someday right? *keeps dreaming*
  5. that's kinda why i'm kinda happy i didn't go, i saw him a few times after a gig, but always way too many people for me to actually get some form of contact. The autographs i've got are thanks to other mfc'ers helping me on some occasions. but i've never had a chance to a picture or something. so if i were indeed there and not able to get in, it would've been a massive disappointment for me so for me, not being able to be there on time anyway, it was better not to go than to get disappointed lol
  6. ok, so seems to me that it was best i wasn't there. couldn't make it on time to be among the 100 people that should've been let in. and since i'm very unlucky when it comes to trying to see Mika (after gigs en stuff) i'm sure i'd have been very disappointed so turns out for me it's not too bad i couldn't make it .... kinda weird to say it...
  7. would love to go!!!! but well... i have to work and will only be able to leave about 18h30 and by the time i'd be in Brussels it'd just be over...
  8. i'm not doing a report, i just want to say that i loved seeing Mika perform again!! this time i bought seated tickets was nice for a change to get to the gig on a relaxed way, without queuing stress had good places too Mika never ceases to amaze me!! can't wait to see him again!!!
  9. Happy Birthday Ilse

    1. ilseh1983


      thanks!!!! :D


  10. i've been to Lille as well and for me it felt kinda the other way round, but lille not being good for me didn't have anything to do with Mika tbh, just some very annoying people around me that kinda ruined my experience there. I loved the energy in Brussels. It was a fantastic gig, i loved it so much. think it might be one of the best gigs i've seen
  11. pretty excited to see Mika tonight !! and a real Mika gig this time, not at a festival
  12. i haven't started yet, if you want you can do it
  13. well the second band had stopped about 5 years or so ago, and earlier this year a huge fan of them, got them to give one final concert, cause she couldn't be there on their final concert back then, and they gave a gig in Ghent. and because they liked it so much and the Lokerse feesten were their favorite festival to perform and gave so much to them in the past, they agreed to play there this year. And you could tell indeed, that they were very happy to be there
  14. i'm not going to write a proper report, cause i'm not that great a writer lol like i've seen here before, i'm obviously not the only one who didn't like the first band (and not liking them is a huge understatement!!) i really liked Janes Detd (the punk rock band) of course i knew them from a few songs. Milow was great as well, it was the first time i saw him live and he didn't disappoint me. and for me Mika was great, maybe he wasn't as great as on other gigs this year.... but i can't know that, cause it's been almost 2 years since i last saw him perform, so i was just very happy to see him live again! i hoped he might sing "no place in heaven" (my favorite song from the new album,... maybe next time? ) i also had hoped to see him after the gig, but didn't really count on it,... seems i'm a bit cursed or something when it comes to trying to meet him after a gig.... so sorry guys, maybe it was my bad karma or something lol well that's about it, looking forward to seeing Mika again in Lille and Brussels